If you're struggling to find qualified teacher applicants for your child care center and worry that your current teachers will leave, then this message is for YOU!


Here's why.

You need a better hiring and retention plan in place that will help you find those great teachers and keep them.


And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this or letting it play out because all we hear is there are no teachers to find. 


As a fellow child care center director I know the stresses:

  • You are stressed from the past 18 months
  • You are overwhelmed with trying to find new teachers
  • You are struggling to find anyone to apply for your ads
  • You are struggling with getting teachers to return to work
  • Your team is working longer hours and they are overwhelmed
  • You worry you are going to lose the great teachers you have now
  • You are in the classroom more than the office, covering for lack of staff
  • You are doing everything you can to make sure the teachers you have know how grateful you are
  • You have no time to figure out a hiring and retention plan
  • You are all getting burnt out

If you just sit by like many employers, and do nothing about this hiring crisis, it will just get worse.


When facing a lack of qualified candidates, most directors simply post a job ad on a hiring platform and wait to see who applies.


You KNOW that is not working.  The candidates are few and far between.


While most child care center directors post job ads for their centers' needs, it doesn't always communicate the benefits of working for your center.  It's not about the candidate looking at it.  It's more about you.  And, when you don't have a complete retention plan in place, that can result in teachers not truly feeling valued.  But, we really do value them.


And what happens when directors don't change their hiring and retention approach?   The struggle continues.


This struggle is playing out at centers all over the country.  I hear it all the time and you probably read the posts on Facebook too from other directors. 

I've been there.


When we opened our center in 2005, we struggled finding high quality teachers. Once we found one, my sister and I feared losing the amazing teachers we were hiring.


I've been in early education for the past 17 years. I previously spent 13 years in a high level corporate position where I learned all things related to employees. I tapped into this knowledge of best hiring practices and retention, combined it with research on child care employment and created our hiring and retention plan.    


Knowing life as a director is BUSY and sometimes we must cover in the classroom, my system had to be easy to use. I went to work creating systems of checklists (if you know me, you know I LOVE checklists), emails, and action steps.  Simple procedures anyone could easily implement.


What we created at our center, ScribbleTime, was a system that we have used for the past 17 school years to find and retain my rockstars, even during a pandemic!


Guess what?  IT WORKS!

  • 75% of my staff have been on my team for 9 plus years 
  • Potential hires find me, even without a job ad  
  • I'm known as the go-to-person for early education jobs in my community.  Directors get emails from ME with candidates.
  • During this stressful time, my employee survey results on how happy you are being employed at our center was 100%.
  • Our employees feel supported, praise the positive work environment, AND feel valued.  I frequently received text messages of kindness by my teachers.  This makes my makes my day after being yelled at regarding the "quarantine rules" I put in place in the USA! LOL!
  • "I try so hard every day to be the best teacher.  I couldn't be in a happier place than where I am now" a quote from a text message I received just last week.  This is a teacher who has excellent attendance, has been with me long term, parents and kids love her, she implements curriculum, and always strives to be better.  


Like most of you, I use Indeed to find candidates.

This is my current Indeed dashboard as of August 5, 2021:

I'm opening more classrooms this fall so I have a few key spots to fill.


All of the Pre-K Lead Teacher & Toddler Lead candidates are Certified Teachers..and drum roll please...have EXPERIENCE. 


This week we had:

49 Phone Interivews

5 Zoom Interviews

9 In-person Interviews 

3 INCREDIBLE Teachers Hired This Week!


The week of August 9, 2021 we have:

15 In-Person Interviews Booked


They are all showing up.

We have choices.


Now it's your turn to build your team, retain your rock stars, and get your time back!

The Retention Recipe

Self-Paced, done for you, Digital Workshop with all the checklists, templates, AND training certificates to

take your hiring and retention system to the NEXT LEVEL!



An online classroom,  with short videos (girl, I know you don't have time), checklists, email templates, AND support.   All delivered in 5 simple training modules.


PLUS a few bonuses, because you deserve

the extras right now.

I've been a business leader for almost 30 years.  When I sat down to develop this program for my Child Care Center, I took the practices I knew that worked and the research I've done on our workforce to create this system for my center.  After implementing these practices at ScribbleTime, I got results.  Centers I consult get results.


It works.  Here is what you receive in an online classroom you can access from ANYWHERE!  Plus, EVERYTHING is done for you in a digital workbook along with a training certificate for your file.


This is the Retention Recipe:

  • Module #1 The New Job Ad

    Potential Teachers are impressed with your center BEFORE they meet you.

    Using my new job ad, (you can literally use mine), I market the benefits of my center so candidates know what they get working for us.  My ad stands out from all the others. A professional copy writer helped me write it.

  • Module #2 Marketing the Job Ad

    Potential Teachers FIND ME before I need them

    It's true.  I'm known in my community as the contact to find a job in early education.  Marketing the job ad has been a practice of mine for years.  I recieve calls, emails, text messages, and private messages from people all the time looking for work, even during a pandemic!   When I don't need candidates, I refer them to other local child care centers in my community.  Other Director's call me, often looking for employees.

  • Module #3 Interview process that WOW'S

    Candidates say they want the job even before it's offered!

    You know when you interview someone and you think, "She's it!".  When you get that feeling, use my simple tips to convert the interview into a marketing tour of yoru center that is sure to get her to say YES!  when you offer the job.  

  • Module #4  Teacher On-Boarding

    Teachers come back after day 1!

    Have you ever hired someone and just knew they were it, only to have them not come back after lunch?  Or maybe you receive an email saying something personal has come up and they won't be returning?  Now you're back at square one after wasting your time on the entire hiring process.  Using my On-Boarding system, which comes with emails, steps you can take, team engagement, and more, you are sure to get new teachers feeling like they belong in record time.  That my friend, is the key to retaining teachers and I've done all the work for you.

  • Module #5   Teacher Retention

    They don't leave!

    Do you have a teacher you love as a person, but really struggles in the classroom?  Well, the bad news is, she still won't want to leave when you apply my employee On-Boarding plan.  That's the "complaint" I get from directors using my system.  I have retained 75% of my workforce for more than 9 years, and I know that number will continue to rise if I continue to utilize this low-cost, easy to enable retention plan.

After 2020, you deserve all the extras right now!

For a limited time I'm adding in these BONUSES!


BONUS #1  Get It Done Workshop

I've been told this is the BEST COURSE IN EARLY EDUCATION!  This is where I teach you how to improve your center, even when you don't have time. I have been mentoring my employees and directors I consult on this practice, and let me tell you, it works.  I run a child care center of 114 students, consult with other centers AND create online courses for YOU.  My systems work and this is the one class you need before taking another course!  How to get things done...even with no time.


BONUS #2   Ideal Candidate

You know the exact qualities in the person you want working at your child care center.  Take a moment to document the qualities, (no worries I already did a template to start you off), match it with interview questions (wait for bonus #3), add those qualities to the Interview's That Wow Checklist in training module #3 and you, my friend, are on your way to bringing on board your NEXT GREAT TEACHER!  Marketing messaging is key to hiring, as it is to finding new students.  The Ideal Candidate bonus works!


BONUS #3   110+ Interview Questions

How many times have you seen on a Facebook group for child care center directors someone asking "What interview questions do you ask?"  Or you sit down for an interview and are sick of asking the same questions?  Having a list of 25 potential questions on hand o o,[prtamt amd will help you, and anyone else involved in the interview [rpcess.  Going to an interview unprepared doesn't help and sometimes leaves you saying "oh, I wish I asked that!".  Using my 7 Favorite Interview Questions from Module #3 and my list of 110+ Interview Questions you can create your own list of 25 potential questions to ask during an interview.  You will also have a resource for years to come if you want to mix it up.


Lastly, because you need this and I know I can help - Implementation Support

Drum roll please........ because I think this is the best component besides the actual training course.....Implementation support.  How often do you take a course or attend a workshop and then try to implement what you have learned?  Usually, you either don't make the time or get stuck. Or maybe you want another set of eyes on something? When you purchase a digital course from The Director's Club we include a private implementation support Facebook group.  Whenever you want, go into the group and ask us to review something.  Say you are stuck on an idea, are looking for feedback, or you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know what your next step should be? No problem, just ask us.  We have 4 Early Education Business Coaches ready to support you in hiring and retaining your next great teacher!





Now It's Your Turn To Hire & Retain Your Next Great Teacher

Digital Workshop


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